"Locked away in a closet... in Midwood"



Singer-actress-writer Deborah Karpel's story follows her mother's upbringing as a Jewish girl in coal mining Appalachia, VA, her parents meeting at a Catskills socialist summer resort, growing up in 1970s suburbia, and twists of fate that lead Deborah to the music of her grandfather. THE MIDWOOD MIRACLE features original compositions from collaborations with living composers including Elliot Sokolov, Ted Kociolek and Rachelle Garniez along with traditional Americana, western swing, operatic arias, improvised art songs, and Yiddish songs.

"The Midwood Miracle at Emerging Artists Theaters New Works Festival on October 3, featured the deeply gifted singer-actress Deborah Karpel, who painted a hilariously authentic and very touching portrait of her highly individual, unconventional parents and her search for cultural roots in a 1960s American Dream boomtown of Queens."  - David Noh, The Gay City News, January 3, 2018 

"Karpel's vocals boast a natural allure so hot it ought to be licensed, taxed and regulated." 
Seth Rogovy, Author - The Essential Klezmer

"A wonderfully varied, charismatic, and magnificent singer with a heartrending voice."

Recklinghausen Zeitung, 


"Gifted with a velvety voice and puckish charm, Deborah shines on stage in a piece that unravels family relationships through the music they loved, starting with a treasure trove of Yiddish songs sheet music she found unexpectedly in her father's overstuffed closet and including Kurt Weill, original songs, Appalachian spirituals, torch songs, Mozart and Ernest Tubb. This woman can do everything and her voice is golden. A funny, bittersweet, transportive experience."
Deborah Artman, Librettist, Bang on A Can